It took our Рlanet

four billion years to create life. It took people a hundred years to put the Planet’s life under threat.

It is time for all of us

who feel ourselves active and caring men and women to take care of all living things on the Planet. But we do not always know how to do that.

Sometimes we are

in a hurry to put on clothes that have been woven hastily for us with a sudden increase in responsibility, and these clothes are too large for us.

We are confused

by the growing complexity of local and global difficulties, clinginging to each other with loops of unresolved personal and social problems.

We are losing

the thread within the tangle of networking technology, and we continue to use tools given to the future to achieve the greedy goals of the archaic past.

In our daily rush

we miss the chance for the wisdom promised by a gradual, thoughtful maturation.

Sometimes it seems to us

that we are completely confused and inexorably losing faith in ourselves, love for others and hope for happiness.

When will your mind be ready

to embrace you more, more than it is now? When will your heart be able to accept the love and care of those who live here? If your answer is "then", it means never. Then you just don't have time to do it, even if you want to.

The ability to see more clearly,

to hear more, to feel deeper, to understand more, to act more accurately, to go further - all this is rewarded by the hard work with the quality of thinking and sincerity of the soul.

It's like taking a breath

and entering a space where time is suspended and where an ancient healing medium is located: a resource of silence that has always been there.

Here you can clearly see

that the pattern of your consciousness is in many ways a weave of fragments from other lives that have influenced your personality.

Here you can realize

that the world around you looks exactly like this, because it is colored by the peculiarities of your experience, refracted through your perception.

Here you are surprised

to understand that you are made, connected from the world, and the world is made, connected from you, and that everything is connected in this warm, soft and very beautiful fabric of space and time.

Here it is possible

to re-create one's strength and beauty, to find new reasonableness and ancient generosity within the healthy and complete picture of the world.

Here we can

open our hands and embrace our uneasy and disturbing modernity in order to accept with love the anxious tasks of the future under the wing of our adult responsibility.

The Center for Human Emergence Russia

is an expert community, united by the task of promoting the natural evolutionary development of people, organizations and communities.

We are not looking for simple solutions

where they cannot be found. We find new points of view that make difficulties turn into fruitful, collaborative creativity.

We value

each other's incomparable diversity of ideas and approaches against the backdrop of a basic agreement born of open dialogue.

We create

the conditions under which our contribution to solving social and global problems is made through sincere and natural self-realization.

We do not expect you to fully agree with us

after reading this text and do not invite you to join us right now. Learn more about our work and our values and let us know more about what you are enjoying, which is your unconditional value, so that what will be born between us will be greater than the sum of all of us.